About Us

ChristianZen is a brand that designs unique beach & resort wear for women. In the collections one can find long & short caftans, tunics, dresses, skirts, shirts and scarves. A variety of accessories are always combined with the clothes such as leather bags, leather shoes, beach bags & hats, pareo, beach towels, resort robes and fine jewelry. ChristianZen’s main goal is to create exceptional high quality items from natural fabrics - cotton, linen, tencel, silk - which can offer comfort, elegance and style. 

Behind the brand’s name ChristianZen is the Danish designer Sidsel Christiansen. A travel passionate who loves discovering new cultures, exploring the traditions of each place she visits and collecting unique materials for her collections. Sidsel’s inspirations in every design she creates are related to a mixture of ethnic, bohemian and folklore elements. You can find a magical combination of femininity, bohemian lifestyle and freedom in her designs. Greece has been her second country for many years and never stops inspiring her the most with its natural beauty and unique history. As we can say “Home is where the Heart is”.